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App UI of Yantra

Yantra is a one-stop service solution for all your on-demand home services. It aims to make life easier for individuals by bringing professionals at their doorsteps with just a click of a button.

Services Provided

  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Landing Page

Project Timeline

JunJan 2022

Booking Fan Repair Service via Yantra App

The Challenge

Finding a reliable service provider to fix your home issues has always been a hassle for everyone. In addition to that, finding someone immediately at one's convenience has also been difficult. Taking these concerns into account, we had to figure out a way to connect the consumer with the right service provider.

Schedule your Service via Yantra App
Home services available via Yantra App

Research and Discovery

We started our research by talking to Yantra's team to learn more about their goals. We looked into the current market competition and how it was used in Nepal and abroad. After that, we held some tests with a few focus groups and tried to get a deeper understanding of what people wanted.

We discovered that there aren't many platforms providing this type of service. There were some similar apps that we analyzed, but we found issues with their operations and services. We realized the opportunity to deliver a fully functional app and began working on creating it.

User Personas of Yantra


Once we had enough resources, we started brainstorming different solutions that would be best for our customers. We and the Yantra team held numerous meetings both physical and virtual to come up with a solution that would work well for everyone.

Information Architecture of Yantra

Final Result

Yantra reached out to us to help map out their idea, and manifest it into a product. After months of working together as a team, we came up with a well polished and user friendly app. While facing numerous challenges, we iterated our design process number of times to come up with the optimal app flow for our target group.

While we could have launched the product immediately without having to go through multiple iterations, we and Yantra both realized that a little bit of patience and trust in the process comes a long way to bearing a great end product.

Highlighting the features on yantra app