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App UI of Yantra

Yantra is an ambitious home service provider specializing in blue-collar jobs such as plumbing, electrical work, painting, and more. Founded in 2021, Yantra embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way people experience home maintenance and repairs, seeking creative solutions to overcome the challenges in an increasingly competitive market.

Services Provided

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • UI/UX Design
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Web Hosting and Maintenance

Project Timeline

JunJan 2022

Booking Fan Repair Service via Yantra App


Yantra, a dynamic home service provider startup, faced a series of challenges in the competitive market. As newcomers, they needed to compete with established players, while the founder saw enormous potential for growth. However, the business flow was unclear, and users preferred hiring people they knew. Yantra approached our design and development company seeking creative solutions to these hurdles.

Information Architecture of Yantra


Our team took a user-centric approach, conducting in-depth market research and user interviews to understand the pain points and preferences of the target audience. Through a human-centered design process, we developed innovative solutions to improve the overall user experience, build trust, and encourage users to choose Yantra for their home service needs.

User Personas of Yantra

Revolutionize the way homeowners experience services

With the vision of transforming the home services industry, Yantra recognized the importance of building a strong foundation before scaling its offerings. By focusing on essential functionalities and key features, we presented Yantra with a suggestion to present a streamlined and efficient platform in the form of an MVP to its early users. The goal was to validate the concept and gauge customer expectations before making any significant expansions.

Highlighting the features on yantra app

Exploring homeowners’ needs

To ensure that their MVP resonated with the target audience, we delved into the hearts and minds of Yantra’s potential customers. Through comprehensive user interviews, we listened attentively to the pain points, preferences, and expectations of homeowners seeking reliable blue-collar services. This invaluable feedback became the guiding light, shaping the MVP's design and feature prioritization.

Schedule your Service via Yantra App
Home services available via Yantra App

Empowering your booking journey

We were aware of how important flexibility and convenience were to Yantra's users, we improved their booking experience by integrating real-time booking right into the mobile application. Users may easily schedule appointments on the spot, avoiding the need for several calls, whether they need a plumbing repair or electrical maintenance. With the ability to quickly change or cancel appointments as needed, this user-centric innovation places power in the hands of Yantra’s users, assuring a seamless and customised service experience.

Say goodbye to uncertainties

We recognise that real-time visibility is key to assuaging users' concerns, especially when it comes to service progress of Yantra. Hence, we introduced a service status update feature, offering a clear and dynamic view of the stages of the users’ booked services. Whether it's a plumbing job, electrical repairs, or any other blue-collar service, Yantra’s users could track the progress right from their fingertips, ensuring peace of mind and eliminating uncertainties.

I had a fantastic experience working with Ottr Technology on app development. Their professional and skilled team made the process enjoyable. Regular sprints allowed for easy progress tracking and adjustments. They listened to my ideas, communicated effectively, and translated them into a user-friendly app. I highly recommend Ottr Technology for app and software development – they're talented and trustworthy, making the process fun and exciting!

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Shradhye Shrestha

— Co-Founder, Yantra