Mokshya Protocol

Unlocking the Future of Blockchain

Cover photo for Mokshya Protocol. The image includes different screens of mokshya.

Mokshya is a pioneering company focused on creating open-source smart contracts and SDKs for the Aptos Blockchain. Their main goal is to support the next 10,000+ Web3 projects by providing well-documented and versatile tools for developers. By fostering collaboration, innovation, and ease of use, Mokshya is driving the evolution of blockchain technology and empowering developers to shape the future of decentralized applications.

Services Provided

  • Consulting and Strategy
  • UI/UX Design

Project Timeline

FebMar 2023


Mokshya had problems with their previous website because it didn't clearly explain their innovative services and was hard to navigate, especially for people looking for simple explanations of technical information. The website's design didn't match Mokshya's forward-thinking approach in the blockchain world. So, they decided to redo the website to better connect with their current community and attract more people, making sure it reflects their groundbreaking vision for supporting Web3 projects.


To solve the problem, we carefully studied what makes Mokshya unique and what users expect from their website. We worked together to understand their brand and then created a design that makes technical information easy to understand. The new design, with modern elements and easy navigation, makes the website interesting for both tech-savvy people and those new to blockchain.

This is the image of how the Mokshya Protocol works.

Visualizing Tomorrow's Technology

Mokshya's commitment to innovation needed to reflect in their website. We opted for a futuristic and dynamic visual style that mirrored the cutting-edge nature of their work. Incorporating interactive elements, animations, and visually appealing graphics, we visually conveyed the excitement and potential of Mokshya's offerings.

This is the 3D logo of Mokshya Protocol.
This pictures shows different products made by Mokshya Protocol.
This image contains the tablet and mobile view of Mokshya Protocol

Crafting a Seamless Experience Across Devices

Recognizing the diversity of user devices, we prioritized responsive design to ensure the website looked and functioned flawlessly across various screens.

This image is the monitor mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.
This image is the tablet mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.
This image is the mobile mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.

Simplifying Complexity

Conveying intricate technical details in a digestible manner was pivotal. We collaborated closely with Mokshya's team to translate complex terminology into user-friendly language. Clear explanations and concise summaries helped bridge the gap between sophisticated technology and user comprehension.

This image is the mobile mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.
This image is the monitor mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.

Guiding Curiosity

A crucial aspect was structuring the information in a logical manner. We designed a clear and intuitive structure that allowed users to explore the various aspects of Mokshya's services effortlessly.

This image is the monitor mockup/view for Mokshya Protocol.

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This is the image of the co-founder of Mokshya Protocol

Subash Gautam

— Co-founder, Mokshya

This image contains the screens of Moksya Potocol


Some of the layouts and stories presented here are conceptual and were removed during produced.


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